CDHA supports our local children in need. Our Children's
Dental Health Center, School-based and outreach programs target economically disadvantaged, underserved children. In the areas where most of our patients live, a weighted average of 50% of the families have incomes below $25,000. We pride ourselves on providing a high-quality, low-cost remedy to patients who would traditionally have little or no access to dental care.

Contribute onlineDear Friends and Supporters

We are happy to kick off our annual campaign during National Children’s Dental Health month.

At the Children’s Dental Health Association, we focus on dental health every day as we provide treatment and education to the underserved children of San Diego. Children under our care are enjoying pain-free lives and improved self-esteem. It takes a great deal of money and volunteerism to keep the center open and operating to treat annually over 3,500 children for general dentistry, the over 4,000 children treated annually in our school based program and the over 100 children enrolled in our orthodontic program.

The work that is done through our organization is made possible by generous donations from private individuals, corporations and grants.

For our “Annual Campaign”, we simply ask that you consider a monetary donation directly to our organization. Your donation will support the programs run by our organization. Donations of $250 and greater will receive a plaque acknowledging your donation to proudly display in your home our office.

By clicking on the blue button you can make your tax-deductible donation online directly to the CDHA. If you prefer to mail or fax your donation, you can download a contribution form after clicking the blue “Contribute Online” button there is a option to print a form to the left.

I thank you in advance for your thought and consideration and I hope that you will make the decision to help make a child’s life healthier and happier. I am grateful for my own dental health and I hope that you will agree, that “every child deserves a healthy smile”.

Robert Chakarian, CPA

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