Children's Dental Health Association is working to raise awareness and reduce disparities in the dental health status of families. Together with our Programs, we volunteer in the community at local Health Fairs and work with local charity organizations to help create healthy lives for children.

CDHA Programs

San Diego Children's Dental Health Center

Established in 1952, it has provided dental services to generations of local underprivileged children. Our child friendly Dental Center, located in the Golden Hill neighborhood of San Diego, is equipped to provide all necessary dental treatments to children of underserved families.

School-Based Program

Our School-Based dental access program was established in 1996. Dentists travel to local low-income schools where they provide education, dental exams, and sealants to thousands of children on site each year. Together with the school nurses and parents, they link children in need of treatment to our Dental Center where they have access to the care they desperately need.  

Meet the Need Program

Our “Meet the Need” program was established in 2002 to provide services to children in need of emergency dental care. A case manager and school nurses assist the families through the process of linking the child to Children’s Dental Health Center.

Orthodontic Program

Our Orthodontic Program was established in 2007. We saw a tremendous need for children that could not afford orthodontic treatment. We now offer low cost treatment to low income families that qualify. Our two experienced staff orthodontists and our experienced staff provide excellent care in a positive environment for very deserving children. Below is a note from one of our very deserving orthodontic patients that went through our orthodontic treatment program.

Clara - Before & After

Thank you note from Andre





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